Spring Behrouz

Spring Behrouz, PhD

Co-Founder & CEO

Dr. Behrouz is a Neuroscientist with expertise in neurodegenerative disease research. As a doctoral student at Michigan State University she leveraged cutting edge Laser Capture Microscopy and Microarray techniques to identify novel therapeutic targets for Parkinson’s disease and validated the results using an innovative in vivo siRNA model. She received multiple awards for this work, including a coveted NIH National Research Service Award (NRSA). During her Post-doctoral work at the Mayo Clinic, she was part of the team that discovered a new pathogenic genetic mutation for Parkinson’s disease. She characterized multiple in vivo and in vitro genetic models of neurodegeneration and worked with in collaboration with Michael J. Fox Foundation and H. Lundbeck Pharmaceuticals to test drugs that reverse the degenerative process in Parkinson’s disease.

Andy D. Lee

Andy D. Lee

Co-Founder & CTO

Mr. Lee is a technology leader and software engineer who defined the system architecture and developed the prototype Neuroinitiative software application including novel algorithms for modeling the dopamine pathway. As CTO he is responsible for all aspects of technology for the company. With over 20 years of professional software engineering experience on top of formal Computer Science training he brings a passion for efficient design, usability, and a relentless focus on shipping the product. Previously Vice President of Engineering for one Black Knight Financial Services through acquisition and IPO, he has experience building, scaling, and managing web applications receiving over 20 million daily hits, and data driven HPC projects..

John Ryan

John Ryan

Software Engineer

John developed an interest in programming while working as a freelance sound designer and composer for independent game development studios and is now fully involved in software development and 3D simulation. He holds a B.S. in Audio Engineering from Full Sail University, and an A.S in Programming and Analysis from Saint Johns River State College.

Marc R. Miller

Marc R. Miller

Web Developer & Designer

Marc has the heart of an entrepreneur and the soul of a traveler - previously he was partnered with his father as co-owner of a high performance powerboat company and also worked for a small startup company who focused on alternative energy research. Through these experiences Marc developed an interest in computer programming and web development. He is currently pursuing his AA and AS degree in Computer Programming and Analysis.

Nihar Kinarivala

Nihar Kinarivala, PhD

Neuroscience Consultant

Nihar is currently a Ph.D student in the laboratory of Paul C. Trippier in the Pharmaceutical Sciences Department at Texas Tech University Health Science Center (TTUHSC), Amarillo, TX. His research is focused on the synthesis and in vitro testing of novel neuroprotective molecules which could be useful for the treatment of Batten disease and age-related macular degeneration.

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